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Labor Day … a man … a dream to think about music in a totally different way and being able to celebrate in all its forms and creations so, a little ‘game for a bit to desire, which arises CODEKANS RADIO !!!
The reason for this name is due to the name of art of his demiurge: DOC SNAKE (which read backwards gives its codekans) .Its relentless creativity in no time manages to infect all the music lovers of the Web as the code grows
small steps, encouraged and supported by his DJ, users and those who have joined since the beginning and believed in this progetto.Ci meets on major social networks (Twitter Facebook) or chat, exchange ideas, or simply curiosity a greeting and that is how this non-profit radio, in 10 years it became gradually a “virtual family” is no coincidence that has as its motto
Official “WE ARE ONLY ONE FAMILY” !!! One of the main purposes of COD (as well as cheer with background music) is to cut out spaces and give particular visibility to artists who for whatever reason have no chance
to be heard and appreciated (whether band or solo) .Oltretutto there is also room for those who want to become a DJ; is made available to all the material useful and above all “advice” about this and that the fada always patiently follows step by step the principianti.Inoltre èpossibile follow direct covering all kinds of music genres such as
satisfy all musical tastes, request songs or make dedications! All this and much more is CODEKANS RADIO

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